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Lake Lìmides

The undisputed beauty of the place attracts numerous photographers who immortalize it from sunrise to sunset. During the course of the day, the colours and the atmosphere change, but the modification of the tonalities don't detract from the magic of the place.

Lake Lìmides is surrounded and protected by the Sasso di Stria, Lagazuoi, Averau and the imposing Tofana di Rozes mountains, mirrored in its clear waters. This lake is too cold to host living organisms. This lake is a body of water with origins from glacier activity fed by rainwater and snowmelt. When the water level exceeds its shores, it has an outlet downstream.

It is an ephemeral lake that almost disappears in mid-summer. The best time to visit it is June.

It can be reached on foot in about an hour along an easy hike that starts near the Col Gallina refuge on path 419 towards the Averau saddle.