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The Ferratas

A bit of courage and self-confidence: these are the most important ingredients to tackle the Via Ferratas of the 5 Torri.

With a series of controlled movements, the muscles bring the climber up to the top, where he will enjoy an incomparable panorama from a privileged point of view. Without specific mountaineering knowledge - but with the right equipment - you follow the metal ropes, ladders, iron rungs and anchors to reach indescribably beautiful peaks which with their splendour literally take your breath away.

This sport originated in Austria in the mid-19th century, introduced by the first mountaineers and explorers of the Dolomites. Later, mountain soldiers of the First World War put up fixed rope routes to reach the outposts on the Alpine peaks with their military equipment.

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Climbing at the 5 Torri

Just a single climbing experience on the walls of the region's most important crag is not enough. The rock faces of the 5 Torri offer countless routes, the grades of difficulty range from 2 to 8.

Nothing is missing here to return home with a smile on your face and an indelible memory in your heart: moments in the company of a climbing partner, moments of solitude while tackling the climb, challenging the rock and yourself.

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