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More than just skiing

Roaming through the Dolomites with snowshoes

A winter walk immersed in silence and peace, as in ancient times. The snowshoes - "Ciaspe", as they are called here - make it possible to follow the paths leading to high-altitude refuges in summer.

Originally the snowshoe was a “working tool” of farmers and hunters. Today, snowshoeing is a popular winter sport, allowing anyone who wants to roam through forests and high-altitude meadows in winter to move without too much effort and without sinking into the snow.

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On the tracks of the white hare

There is the silence of the snow-covered slopes all around, a magical, secluded atmosphere where you only feel peace and a deep closeness to nature. With snowshoes, you can explore the beauty of the mountains in winter with peace of mind. Snowshoeing is rewarding and stimulating, the relationship between man and nature is simple and at the same time extraordinary.

Our snowshoeing routes

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