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High altitude gastronomy

The Italian gastronomic tradition is very rich and varied, so that even the smallest restaurant in the most remote village proposes both local and innovative dishes which leave a special flavour on the palate and an indelible feeling of belonging to the community in the heart.


Top culinary experiences

The high altitude refuges of the 5 Torri area are no exception: each of them specializes in the preparation of tasty traditional dishes reinterpreting them in a continuous search for excellence and top quality.

The peculiarity is that the menus of our refuges are served in a natural setting that makes the gastronomic experience unique.

Next to crags, ski slopes, forests, via ferratas, World War 1 trenches, in buildings which saw the dawn of mountaineering or on mountain peaks with a view of the imposing Dolomites, on the banks of crystal clear mountain lakes or amid pristine high alpine pastures, it is impossible to avoid feeling a mixture of abundance, satisfaction and solidarity with the surrounding nature.

Events throughout the year

In addition to the emotions that our gastronomy and the Dolomite panoramas convey, there are also sports competitions: take part in the Delicious Festival Dolomiti or the Delicious Slow Trekking, events that combine sport and gastronomy.

We suggest romantic persons to spend the night in one of our mountain huts and experience the alpine glow, called Enrosadira in the Dolomites, at sunset and sunrise or to admire the starry sky during a "Moonlight Dinner" including an ascent with the chairlift by night and descent with a snowmobile.

The best thing to do is to share these experiences with your loved one, inviting her/him to the “Week of Love” in February or organizing a wedding amid the mountains of the Queen of the Dolomites.

Have a look at the complete Delicious events calendar.