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The Great Dolomites Road - SS 48

Across the passes through an enchanting landscape, surrounded by the most beautiful mountains

Even just reaching the 5 Torri area is an exciting adventure if you get there on the state road SS 48, not by chance known as the "Great Dolomites Road", unique in terms of beauty and historical value.

The road section of the Great Dolomites Road between Arabba and Cortina was inaugurated on 13th September  1909. It was an event of global relevance that designated this road as one of the most important works of engineering of the new century.

The Dolomite passes, which were almost unsurmountable until then, became accessible to everyone. Connecting Bolzano with Fassa, Livinallongo and Cortina, this road finally linked the whole Dolomite area. Thus, the Dolomites opened up to the world and became an impressive scenic attraction with the consequent development of tourism.

During the First World War, the Great Dolomites Road was partially closed and partially used for war purposes. In the post- First and Second World War periods, this road made it possible to revive tourism in this rough mountain area, confirming the Dolomites as an international mountain resort.

Given the numerous natural, historical and sporting attractions along the Great Dolomites Road, over time there were built many mountain refuges, hotels and restaurants.

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