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The Giau Barrier

The ancient border between the Republic of Venice and the Hapsburg Empire

Hiking from the Giau Pass towards Beco de ra Marogna, you will reach one of the ends of the Giau Barrier, also known as the "Peace Wall", built in 1753, a former border between the Serenissima Republic of Venice and the Danubian Monarchy.

This wall was built to end the centuries-old disputes between the Ampezzani and Sanvitesi over the pastures of the Giau, which were closely tied to the resources of the mountains and vital to the shepherds and forest workers of the time.

In a mere six months, an imposing dry-stone wall over a metre high and more than two kilometres long was built across the Costeana Valley. The wall marked the state border until 1918 when Cortina was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy after 165 years of Austrian domination.

The Giau Barrier is still clearly visible today. It is a fascinating and must-see place, especially for history lovers. We highly recommend the easy hike alongside this ancient site in summer and with snowshoes in winter.

A tip. Since these routes are not very popular and not always well marked, it is recommended to be accompanied by a guide or, in any case, to ask for precise information on the route:
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