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Super8 Ski Tour

Always fascinating!

Given the wide range of slopes and lift facilities in the Ampezzo area, it is sometimes difficult to decide where to spend a ski day.

The Ski Tours enrich the ski offer with itineraries that offer a great variety of panoramic views and allow you to ski on different slopes and enjoy disparate landscapes on the same day.

The Super8 ski tour connects the 5 Torri, Col Gallina, the Falzarego Pass and Mount Lagazuoi, passing through Armentarola and the Badia Valley, winding its way around the mountains in an 8-shape.

Map of the Super8 Ski Tour


The Super8 Ski Tour involves a photo and video contest

The prizes consist of two-night stays for two people in the Cortina Delicious area, between the Falzarego and Giau passes.  
To participate, you can send your photos and videos of the Super8 Ski Tour to info@cortinadelicious.it by Monday, 1st April 2024.


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Lift facilities, piste map and GPX track

Starting from the 5 Torri chairlift, go up to the Averau Refuge, then take the Croda Negra chairlift.

Ski down to Col Gallina and from there to the Falzarego Pass.

The Lagazuoi cable car takes you to the top of Mount Lagazuoi. From there, you ski down the Armentarola slope. At the end of this piste, a taxi service takes skiers back to Falzarego Pass. It is also possible to continue on skis with a horse-drawn carriage to the Hotel Armentarola, from where a taxi service takes the skiers back to the Falzarego Pass.

From here the route proceeds in the opposite direction on the Col Gallina slopes and ends at the starting point, the Baita Bai de Dones hut.


Access points of the Super8 Ski Tour

  • Fedare chairlift– Giau Pass
  • 5 Torri chairlift – Bai de Dones district
  • Lagazuoi cable car – Falzarego Pass
  • Col Gallina chairlift – Falzarego Pass
  • Armentarola district - Badia Valley
  • NEW: from winter 2022 on, the Falzarego and Lagazuoi ski area can be reached on skis thanks to the new gondola lift Cortina Skyline as it connects the ski areas Tofana and 5 Torri.


Parking areas and technical details

The parking lots are all free of charge and are located:

  • at the valley station of the Lagazuoi cable car - Falzarego Pass
  • at the valley station of the Col Gallina chairlift  - Falzarego pass
  • at the valley station of the 5 Torri chairlift - Bai de Dones district
  • at the valley station of the Fedare chairlift – Giau Pass

Technical Data:

  • LENGTH: 16 km of slopes plus an 8 km long stretch from Capanna Alpina back to the Falzarego Pass, by bus and/or taxibus
  • TIME TAKEN: around 3 hours without stopping
  • LEVEL: blue and red pistes, average difficulty
  • Mountain refuges of the Cortina Delicious team along the route: Baita Bai de Dones, Scoiattoli refuge, Averau refuge, Fedare refuge, Col Gallina refuge, Lagazuoi refuge.