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The reign of King Laurin

For romantics: pink sunrises and fiery sunsets

Only those who are lucky enough to see the mountains when they shine in amazing colours thanks to the Enrosadira phenomenon can understand why the Dolomites are renowned throughout the world.

To fully enjoy this extraordinary spectacle, you should spend a night high up in one of our mountain refuges to be there at dusk, on one of the panorama terraces, when the rocks come to life:

©Giacomo Pompanin

The rose garden of the Dolomites

This breathtaking natural phenomenon has stimulated people’s imagination to the point of giving birth to legends around its origin.

It is said that once the Dolomites were littered with red roses. Among these roses lived a race of dwarfs ruled by King Laurin.

His Kingdom hid rich treasures, protected only by a very thin silk thread. One day the king was captured and imprisoned. He attributed the blame to the roses for having attracted the enemies with their stunning beauty. Thus, the king made a spell and turned the whole garden into a wilderness of rocks causing the red of the roses to disappear from those mountains both during the day and at night.

Fortunately for us, he forgot the twilight, therefore, at these times of the day, the enchanted garden releases its colours which are reflected on the rocks.

The sunrise at over 2,000 m of altitude

©Giacomo Pompanin