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Lake Bai de Dones

Ancient legends tell of a spell that turned the Dolomites into Pale Mountains ages ago. Before, the rocks of the Dolomites had the same colour as the other mountains in the Alps. At that time, this kingdom had colourful flowering meadows, lush forests and enchanting lakes. One of them, the small Bai de Dones lake, is at the centre of one of the many fascinating legends of the Dolomites. It is secluded, surrounded by fir and pine trees and is definitely worth a visit!

Legend has it that the lake Bai de Dones is inhabited by the “Anguànes”, beautiful maidens with goats’ hooves, hence the name “Bai de Dones”, literally translated "The Woman's Bath". These creatures seem to be servants of the god Sylvanus. It is said that they are very shy and do not like to be observed while washing their master’s laundry. Perhaps it is out of this legend that the local saying arose that when a woman who is regarded as being wicked does her washing, the weather will change for the worse.

The lake is easily accessible: park your car at the departure of the 5 Torri chairlift. After a 5-minute walk on the left of the Baita Bai de Dones hut, you will reach the enchanted lake.

We recommend a visit to Baita Bai de Dones for a snack, for a visit to the well-stocked bookshop and to admire the "Anguana" represented on the entrance door.


Not only legends...

The lake rests on a layer of impermeable clay which stops the water from dispersing. On its shores, you can admire a particular form of amphibious vegetation and fauna.

A curiosity: at the bottom of the lake, on the northern shore, there is an Egyptian cross, an angular cross made of stones. This symbol, called ankh or key of life, is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol representing eternal life and immortality. The author of the "work" is unknown.

The Bai de Dones lake is a starting point for stunning hikes to the mountain huts Rifugio Scoiattoli, Rifugio Averau, Rifugio Nuvolau and Rifugio Cinque Torri: