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The climbing crags of the 5 Torri

The 5 Torri crag is undoubtedly the most important crag of the region

The 5 Torri (5 towers) are located in a dominant position to the west of the Cortina basin. They are an exceptionally beautiful natural monument and undoubtedly the most important crag of the region.

The rocky walls of the 5 Torri were the first to be tackled in Cortina by the mountaineering pioneers.

Today as yesterday, this crag is always very popular due to the easy accessibility, the orientation and the excellent rock (Main Dolomite).

220 routes were put up on these rock faces, the grades of difficulty range from 2 to 8.

Here there are 18 classic and around 20 modern bolted routes. Most of the multi-pitch routes are on the Torre Grande. Hier gibt es 18 klassische und etwa 20 moderne, mit Bohrhaken ausgestattete Routen. Die meisten  Mehrseillängenrouten befinden sich am Turm Torre Grande.

Due to this great variety, the area is very popular for rock climbing lessons and trial courses for beginners.

The climbing technique is different depending on the orientation of the rock faces.

The Main Dolomite reacts in various ways to erosion depending on to the exposure: On the south-facing slopes, the rock is predominantly yellow and overhanging, with square in shape with horizontal holds; on the north-facing slopes, the rock is often grey and eroded by water, exceptionally solid with numerous holes and handle bars.

The 5 Torri can be reached with the 5 Torri chairlift or via the forest road that diverts from the Great Dolomite Road SS48 in the Cianzopè district and leads to the  Cinque Torri Refuge. In August this road is closed to traffic.

Take caution: be prepared for possible rockfall on the paths at the foot of the walls.


Technical details

  • Approach time: from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the sector
  • Number of pitches: more than 220
  • Height of the routes: from 10 to 190 metres (recommended rope length 70 metres)
  • Grades: from 3 to 8b
  • Suitable for beginners: yes
  • Orientation: all around
  • Height: 2200/2300 metres
  • Best Season: from May to November. Weather permitting, the south face of the Torre Grande can be climbed in winter as well.
  • Equipment: normal mountain climbing gear consisting of:  
    -climbing backpack, climbing rope, 60 m
    -harness, climbing shoes, helmet
    -2 anchor slings, 3 m each, 4 slings, 1,8 m each
    -2 screwgate carabiners
    -8 quick-draws, rappel
    -cams, medium size


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