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Ski Training Centre - Lino Lacedelli piste - 5 Torri

The 5 Torri ski area boasts the only public track for competitive training in Italy

This slope is dedicated to Cortina’s great mountaineer Lino Lacedelli, the conqueror of K2. It is a 1.5 km long variant of the main Cinque Torri slope realized for the qualification runs for the Alpine Ski World Cup 2021 and the Olympic Games Milan-Cortina 2026. Fully equipped for competition training, this slope was designed in order to be available as a safe training piste for young athletes and ski clubs also after the World Cup.

The piste boasts the most modern services, “A” type safety nets, snowmaking and timing systems.

Technical data and calendar

  • Start at 2.160 m
  • Finish at 1.870 m
  • Vertical drop: 282 m
  • Length: 1.245 m
  • Medium steepness: 23 %
  • Maximum steepness: 57 %
  • Medium width: 44 m
  • Maximum width: 68 m

Contact details for more information:
+39 333 2604237

Ticket office: +39 0436 4010