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From the Fedare Refuge to Mt. Pore

Easy round trip that takes about three hours leading across pastures dotted with barns and mountain huts to the summit of mount Pore.

3-4 hrs.
Difference in height:
400 - 600 m.
©Renate Pedevilla


Difficulty: easy
Departure point: Fedare refuge
Arrival point: Fedare refuge
Total duration: ca. 3 ore/hrs./Std. a/r
Path number: Cai n. 463
Total difference in altitude: 405 m.
Altitude at starting point: 2000 m.
Altitude at arrival: 2405 m.
Minimum altitude: 2000 m.
Maximum altitude: 2405 m.

Start at the Fedare refuge, where you can park; the route is well signposted, the path is comfortable and the ascent gentle. Hike on an old military road, built by the Italian army during the First World War 1915-18, until you reach the ridge. From here you walk past the remains of the extensive Italian trenches, which were built as the second line of the Dolomite front. The trenches extend over the ridge that leads to the summit of mount Pore. In the last section, the path gets increasingly steeper. We warmly recommend being careful on the rocky and gravelly path as it might be slippery, especially in the downhill sections.


Return on the same way. Who wants, can hike back on a slightly longer path (about half an hour more) that leads down southward from the summit on the opposite slope. In the first section, the hiking trail (no. 463) is slippery. The path does not get more difficult, but some sections of the steep eastern meadows are exposed and must be crossed with care.
Follow the edge up to a small jump, which you can easily bypass on the left. After a few narrow zigzags you reach a beautiful viewpoint (2,205 m); next to a small crucifix begins the path that leads back to the Fedare refuge.

Best time of year: from late spring to late autumn (depending on snow conditions)

This mountain is an extinct volcano with geology that differs a lot from the dolomite rock. Thanks to the particular composition of the soil, grass and flowers thrive right up to the top. From there, you can admire a large part of the most fascinating mountains of the eastern Dolomites: Civetta, Col di Lana, Marmolada, Antelao, Boè, Pelmo, Sassongher, Sorapis.

The area is also extremely interesting from a historical point of view: on the southern slopes of mount Pore iron was dug out of the Fursil mines since ancient times.The quality of the iron ore, manganese-bearing siderite, was so excellent that it was used all over Europe for manufacturing very valuable weapons and swords. It is no coincidence that the characteristic black magmatic rock of mount Pore contrasts sharply with the pink Dolomite rocks.

This hike is not particularly difficult, there are only short exposed sections next to the peak. This hike is particularly recommended from May to early July because of the spectacular, varied mountain blooms.

The starting point is the Fedare Refuge: a terrace with a view of the Giau Pass and the Civetta, also popular because of the local, all-natural cuisine by Ivan Troi and his mother Anna. Their homemade cakes are excellent, the "Martina cake" with amaretto biscuits, ricotta and almonds is very popular.

Recommended equipment

  • trekking boots
  • backpack
  • water and provisions; in any case, you can stop at the Fedare Refuge, which is always open, Fridays day off only in low season.
  • a change of clothes
  • a rain jacket
  • a first aid kit