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The World War 1 museum

Experience history hands-on

Learning history, understanding historical connections and developments. It is certainly not enough to read books or memorize dates by heart. To really understand the past, you have to see and touch the places, feel the events.

This is made possible by the World War 1 open-air museum at the 5 Torri, which, together with the museums of Mount Lagazuoi and Sasso di Stria mountains, is the largest in the Dolomites.

The open-air museum preserves the testimonies of the war in a breathtaking landscape, surrounded by mountain refuges, hiking trails, Via Ferratas and climbing walls that allow to fully experience the history of this site of the Dolomite War.

©Giacomo Pompanin

Knowledge keeps the memory alive

Reaching the museum is a cinch: just a ride with the 5 Torri chairlift from Bai de Dones.

You can also walk there from Baita Bai de Dones in about 1.5 hours on a beautiful hiking route that leads to the mysterious Bai De Dones lake, the historic Cinque Torri Refuge and the Scoiattoli Refuge with its panoramic terrace overlooking the 5 Torri.

The museum area begins just 5 minutes away from the Scoiattoli refuge. Walking through the trenches, you can imagine the living conditions of the soldiers who dug them during the First World War and lived there between 1915 and 1917.

Numerous information panels complete the experience with additional explanations of this event that has shaped our history and these mountains.


The visit of the 5 Torri-Museum

The museum area can be visited on four routes. All four are very easy but of different lengths: M5a “Trincea alta” (approx. 20 minutes), M5b “Sentiero delle trincee” (approx. 30 minutes), M5c “Giro delle 5 Torri” (approx. 2 hours), M5d “Sentiero del lago” (approx. 2 hours).
But you can also walk aimlessly through the trenches, read the information boards in Italian, German and English and identify with the life of the soldiers of that time.
Best season
The best time to visit the museums is from May to October.
In winter, it is possible to visit the emplacements and the places where the First World War was fought by doing The Great War Ski Tour.
The whole museum area is crossed by hiking trails: as they are mountain trails, visitors must provide themselves with the necessary equipment for a mountain excursion, such as walking boots and suitable clothing.